Join us on the journey!

We want to help people on their journey to Christ and with Christ. 

So come as you are and experience the adventure of following Christ with a loving family of fellow sojourners.

Loving our city

Waterloo is our community, our city, our home.  

We desire to make the name of Jesus Christ known throughout Waterloo and the Cedar Valley area as we work to love and serve our neighbors.

Prayer Requests

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Weekly Services

Out of concern for the wellbeing of our church family and visitors, we will not meet in person until December 13th. Please join us for our livestreaming service on Facebook each Sunday at 10 AM

Discipleship Class
Sunday 9:00 AM
Worship Service
Sunday 10:00 AM

Join us on the Journey

What should I expect?

Our service is a celebration of what God has done for us in Christ Jesus, our Lord.  Our church family is a mix of people of all ages, from young adults to families with kids, to retirees.   We sing a mix of modern worship songs with occasional hymns performed in a contemporary style.   The preaching is expository, as we work through a whole book of Scripture verse-by-verse, applying it to our lives today.  

What should I wear?

Come as you are!  We don’t have a dress code so feel free to wear whatever you’d like, be it casual, formal, or something in between!  

What is there for my kids?  

We have a fully-staffed nursery for our little ones.  Our kids under the age of 12 have the opportunity each Sunday to be part of our kids’ Discipleship class at 9:00 AM and children’s church during the worship service.


Core Values

1.  We celebrate the sovereign grace of God

Recognizing the crippling and enslaving nature of sin that leaves us spiritually dead, we rejoice in God’s unmerited grace he lavished on us by making us alive in Christ.  If it were not for God choosing us in eternity past and enabling us to respond in faith through the gift of regeneration, we would never repent of our sin and believe.  This same grace which first brought us to Christ guarantees to enable us to persevere in faith to the end of our lives.

2.  We celebrate Christ-centered worship

We believe that Jesus Christ is the central focus of God’s plan for humanity, that all of Scripture points to him, and all glory, honor, and power has been given to him by the Father.  As a result, we desire to exalt Christ in everything we do, both in our corporate worship experience and in our personal lives.  

3.  We celebrate the transforming power of the Holy Spirit

God does not save us to leave us enthralled in our sin.  We delight in the power of the Holy Spirit that transforms us from those who were once enslaved to sin to the glorious freedom of saying “no” to sin and “yes” to righteousness.  We’re eager and expectant to see growing evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in the lives of everyone who has trusted in Christ.

4.  We celebrate expository preaching

Believing that the Word of God is the revelation of God and the only source of accurate knowledge of God and his will for our lives, we are committed to expository preaching which seeks to allow Scripture to speak to us within its own context (chapter by chapter, verse by verse) for our instruction, encouragement, and correction.

5.  We celebrate complementary roles of men and women

Men and women are equally created in the image of God with the same value and dignity in his sight.  According to God’s wise design, men and women have different roles that complement each other, displaying God’s glory by reflecting the relationship of Christ to the church.  We value and pursue these complementary roles within our church leadership and marriage relationships.  

6.  We celebrate Christian liberty

While we wholeheartedly affirm the core, apostolic tenants of our faith, we delight that God has given us freedom of conscience on secondary matters of doctrines which Scripture is less clear on and in the practice of disputable issues that Scripture neither forbids nor demands.  We joyfully strive to live out the famous dictum: “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.”

7.  We celebrate graceful accountability

The liberating grace of God is not an occasion for sin but rather an opportunity to live for the glory of Christ.  As a result, we cheerfully strive to hold each other mutually accountable for our words and deeds in a spirit of grace towards other struggling with sin, recognizing that we are fellow sojourners in our struggle to put sin to death and pursue righteousness.

8.  We celebrate gospel-focused ministry

The gospel is power of God for the salvation of the world and so we wish to make the gospel the main focus of both the mission we have been sent out proclaim to the world as well the foundation of what it means to live for Christ as his disciples.  We desire to avoid moralistic teaching that would make Bible stories about us and how we ought to behave but instead allow the Scriptures to point us back to the grace of God given to us freely in the gospel of Christ Jesus our Lord.

9.  We celebrate ministry multiplication 

We desire to see ministry leaders developed by identifying, equipping, and unleashing men and women to use their gifts and talents to advance God’s kingdom.  Furthermore, we wish to grow the church not merely in size but in its scope through intentionally raising up church planters and planting new churches.  

Statement of Faith

Click here to view our Statement of Faith

Leadership of Journey Church

Rob Borkowitz Lead Pastor

Pastor Rob was saved by the grace of God during his first year of art college down in Savannah, GA.  Shortly after that he heard God’s call into ministry and began attending Moody Bible Institute and later Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he earned his Master of Divinity.  He’s been blessed to serve both as an Associate Pastor and Lead Pastor in various locations over the past 25 years.

He and his wife Karen have three daughters – Savannah, Autumn, and Alexandra.  He loves reading (C.S. Lewis, John Piper, and Timothy Keller are some of his favorites), travel, and doing geeky things like playing strategy games and watching science fiction movies.  He’s a huge Star Wars fan, but utterly despises Disney Star Wars (classic trilogy all the way!)

Russ Pierpont Elder

Russ came to know Christ as his Lord and Savior at a very early age and grew attending different churches in Maine and Indiana.  After graduating from High School, he attended Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio.  While at Cedarville Russ really gained a love for theology and ministry.  

In the winter of 2008, Russ met his wife Joyce in Cleveland, Ohio and the two were married in 2010 and returned to Joyce’s hometown of Waterloo, IA.  They now have four beautiful girls, Madelyn, Rena, Annabelle and Olivia.  Russ enjoys watching college football and basketball, and DIY projects around his house and yard.  He is an avid Buckeye fan and can often be found in his backyard enjoying time with his friends.

Fred Saunchegrow Elder

Fred came to a saving faith in grade school, later studied Bible at Biola College in La Mirada, California and graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a B.A. in Radio/TV. He spent nearly 30 years as a radio disc jockey at both secular and Christian stations. 

He and his wife, Jan, have lived in California, Alabama, and Iowa. He enjoys leading small group bible studies, reading, writing, and throwing out one-liners. A few of his favorite authors are John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul, Nelson DeMille, and Robert B. Parker. His other passion is '60s music. 

Matt Young Elder

Matt came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior when he was only 5 years old.  Born and raised in Waterloo, he attended a private Christian school from kindergarten through high school where he learned a solid Biblical understanding. 

Matt has been married to his wife Amber since 2002, and they have 3 children.  When he's not working at Bergen Plumbing, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. As far as personal interests go, if it's geeky, it's good. Most notably, he is a big Trekkie (especially TOS and TNG).  Romans 6:23 (live long) and Psalm 1:3 (and prosper).

Joyce Pierpont Children’s Ministry Director

Joyce became a Christian at the age of 6 after asking her Mom about her spiritual birthday. She attended Clarks Summit University and received a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Joyce taught Second grade for 5 years in Christian schools before transitioning to an Administrative Assistant at Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

Joyce has been married to Russ for 10 years and God has blessed them with 4 beautiful daughters. She loves to try out new recipes and to use her hands to create things in her spare time, as well as spending time with her family.

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